the last few days i've had an extreme case of writers block.

i think i'm feeling a bit burnt out after this weekend & that's causing the writers block. from helping out with flowers on & off all day friday, setting up the wedding early saturday, baby showers, wedding receptions, bbq's, packing & cleaning...i'm a little tired.

i keep trying to write different posts, or even in my actual journal & it's just not coming to me. no matter how badly i feel the urge to write, it doesn't happen. last night i sat with my computer open for probably an hour while i tried to type something, anything, & i just don't. i'm hoping i get out of this rut sooner than later. what do you do when you've got writers block? any advice?

aaaanyways, after church on sunday we drove through gaurdsman's pass with our friend blake & he took a million pictures & it was really pretty, so i'm going to share them!
p.s. I haven't written a late night post in what feels like forever. It's kind of fun for some reason


  1. that happens to me sometimes. I just take a break from writing for a while and it usually comes back. in the meantime, if I want to post stuff on my blog, I just post pictures. looks like you already know that technique, though :) adorable photos! his smile in that last one! haha

  2. ok guardmans pass is the place to be!! absolutely stunning captures. also, i want to echo what leah said above. i take time off, or i keep writing until i write something i like. good luck! xo