Before we even had cedar I wanted to babywear. I didn’t have any specific reasoning; I didn’t know all of the facts & statistics on babywearing, it just seemed so easy & the thought of holding him close all the time sounded adorable. So why wouldn’t I want to babywear?! Since he’s been born we’ve used several different carriers: baby bjorn, ergo, ring slings,  & carrying backpacks for hikes. All of them have been wonderful, but my favorite form of babywearing by far is using my wildbird ring sling. i’ve found my ring sling to be the easiest way to wear a baby, the most comfortable & the most convenient.
1// CONVENIENCE- wearing cedar can be so much more convenient than pushing him in a stroller through the city. i don’t have to worry about going through little shops with a bulky stroller, i can easily take the metro & not be concerned with getting the stroller up & down stairs, & the best part: my hands are completely free. i am able to shop easily & not have my stroller get in the way, i can use both of my hands without needing to use one to steer. i can do just about anything while i’m wearing him.

2// BONDING TIME- i have loved my time spent while carrying cedar in my sling. it can make a long walk so much more fun to have him right up next to me jabbering away in my ear & playing with me. it has made me feel much closer to him having this extra time spent cuddly close, especially because he hasn’t been the most cuddly of babies! 

3// LESS TIME CRYING- a research study by Hunziker & Barr in 1986 have found that babies worn regularly cry less than babies that are not worn. This alone is an amazing reason for babywearing, everyone loves a happy baby.

4// SAFETY- having cedar so close to me definitely makes me feel safe when we’re out & about. I don’t need to worry about him being as exposed as he is when in the stroller, I can protect him from anything & anyone that may cause a threat, which is a huge comfort while in big cities if you aren’t familiar with them yet.

5// HEALTH- being a new mama & trying to get used to motherhood & figuring out a schedule for cedar, I found it hard to find time to work out. I wasn’t focusing on myself but on him & exercise wasn’t at the top of my list. Babywearing is a good way have a bit of exercise. You’re essentially carrying an extra 10+ lbs. with you wherever you go & over time as your child gains weight you gain extra strength!

6// MULTIPLE USES- . i’ve been able to use my sling as a blanket, changing pad or even a rain cover. it’s also really convenient for breastfeeding mothers to use if they need some extra coverage.
7// COMPACT-  one of my favorite conveniences of a sling is that it folds up small enough to fit inside of my purse! So when we’re out i don’t have to worry about carrying it if we decide to let cedar down to run around, but i can simply slide it inside of my purse.

 8// GREAT FOR SLEEPING- the sling helps to calm & soothe cedar as well as helps him sleep. Ever since he was a tiny baby he has been a great sleeper, & it is no different when he is in the sling in the comfort of who is carrying him. multiple of my friends have also noticed that their babies sleep better & often longer while in the sling being lulled by their parents movements.

9// COMFORT for both baby & parent- for me, & cedar, ring slings are the most comfortable way to wear a baby & the most natural. there are multiple ways you can carry a baby in the sling, which leaves a lot of options for finding the best way for you & your babe. the baby can be relaxed in the sling without any uncomfortable fabrics, clips or other random objects.

10/ BABYWEARING IS FUN- babywearing is really fun. i love all the extra time i spend with cedar while in the sling getting to play games with him, sing songs & what not all while we are doing different chores & running errands.
since moving i have used our baby sling almost everyday, it has been one of the most vital objects that we brought with us, especially in the airport the day of our move. we had multiple bags to lug throughout the airport & wearing cedar made it so much easier. babywearing has been one of the easiest & most convenient ways to get around the city doing or day-to-day activities.
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  1. I love this! I remember a couple years ago I saw a video on facebook of a woman demonstrating how to use these things and I immediately decided I was gonna do that when I have kids. (someday.) it does indeed seem like the perfect way to go for maneuvering big cities.

  2. I don't even have a baby but I've always loved the baby slings. They just look so comfortable and cool! Glad to know that you like them :)

  3. Was looking at the WildBird ring sling - I'm curious, did you try other RS brands? If so, what do you like about wildbird over the others? I'm trying to pick one and it's a smidge overwhelming out there!

    1. i had a sakura bloom sling that i did really, really like. truth be told, the wildbird sling is the same concept but i love the fabric & color options they have & they are much more reasonably priced, in my opinion :)

  4. Hello!
    Just came across this post after googling "Sakura bloom vs wild bird ring sling". I am super tossed between the two but like the price of the Wildbird much better. Is there much of a difference between the two? Just wondering if the Sakura is more comfortable/better made since it's more expensive. I know that's not always the case but want to make sure before spending the money!