thanksgiving hasn't even happened yet (yes, we are still celebrating it) & we've had our teeny, tiny, fake, baby christmas tree up for two whole weeks! we're just really into the christmas spirit. &&& our apartment was just so bare. we were going to get a few decorations for it, but then we (it was mostly just me cause austin doesn't really care) switched gears & decided just to decorate for christmas instead! & i don't regret that the tiniest bit. we opted to get a small tree because it was cheap & i didn't want to deal with storing a fake christmas tree & we didn't want it to take up our whole family room. it was really fun putting it up this year. i turned on the christmas music, we put it together & we all, cedar included, put ornaments on. it was adorable. cedar was SO into the tree & thought it was the best to put ornaments on...which after we had finished he tried taking the ornaments off but quickly stopped once the tree started toppling on him..good thing it's small, haha. ever since he just goes up to the tree & ever so lightly touches the ornaments, looks at me to check if i'm watching, then keeps touching them & touching the lights & saying hot every. single. time. it's pretty funny & it's really cute.
the tree is our only decorative item in our home-plus a christmas candle, cause if the tree isn't going to smell up our place like christmas something needed to- & then one day we got a package! & in it were two christmas decorations from my mom. she said she needed to test how long it took for packages to get to us, so we got a couple little gifts, two of which are christmas decorations to remind me of home: a california/beach bum santa & a santa mickey & pluto statue, which cedar LOVES! he tries to play with that dang statue all the time, but he's finally being a good guy & putting it back when i tell him to. he's seriously growing up so much, it's insane. by the way, packages when you don't live anywhere near home are the funnest thing to get. i have always been a lover of mail & packages, but coming home & having zero clue something is coming, or when something would even arrive & then it all of a sudden being there is so exciting. & austin & i have the sweetest parents who have sent us & cedar a couple little things, of which we couldn't be more thankful for.
& why not break out the christmas movies if the tree is already up, right?