since being in madrid i've had a little difficulty getting ready in the mornings. i mean, not only does everyone here always look super put together & well-dressed, but the weather is completely different than where i came from. going into my capsule wardrobe i figured i would need to switch some things out once we moved, but i didn't realize how much of a weather difference there was going to be & every morning as i was getting ready i kept feeling like i had more in my capsule, but i couldn't find it. where did it all go?

well, the other day i figured it out. after going through the clothes i brought, our laundry, mentally ticking off everything i realized something: i literally didn't bring probably half my wardrobe capsule. i'm not sure there was a thought-out decision. the night before we left california austin & i were re-packing & leaving behind items we decided last minute when didn't need, & apparently a lot of it was my fall capsule... not quite sure what the thought process was there. maybe i was just sick of wearing it? who knows. but there's the answer to my wardrobe mystery. 

since then i've sort of just been adding in different things here & there to my capsule, & to be completely honest, it's so much harder to get dressed in the mornings! not having the set items to pick from makes my mornings a bit more hectic, but i'm also liking wearing whatever, whenever. it's leaving me confused on whether or not i should attempt a winter wardrobe. only time will tell... 
but for now, i still have a couple outfits from my capsule i haven't shared yet from when i was in utah & my friend tayler graciously took my pictures, so check them out!

top: theory (similar)// jeans: madewell// shoes:j.crew (similar)

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