top: madewell// jeans: madewell// vest: vince// jewelry: madewell, anthropologie// shoes: report

these are the last photos i have from documenting my capsule wardrobe & they're some of my favorite. i used to drive by the building with this wall multiple times a week & every. single. time. i would think how much i loved it. i loved the simplicity & the font, the black & white. it just all fit. & i would also think how i wanted to take pictures there of some sort, & when i told tayler (my beautiful friend who doesn't mind taking pictures of me for ridiculous things) my idea she was all in for it, lucky for me! 
this has definitely been a staple outfit for me. i love how simple it is & how easily it can be dressed up or down depending on the outing or my mood. i could throw on extra jewelry or change the style of my hair & i'd instantly have a dressier version. i probably wore this outfit more than i should have, but i loved it! 
what are some of your favorite, go-to outfits? 


  1. kerry - you are such a babe! i love how the top knot completes this look. it's perfectly edgy + simple. i don't think i'd ever pick that vest off of the rack, but you have me convinced i need one just like it! (and i love your capsule posts. more, more!)

    1. stoooooop! you are too nice kayla! & go get a vest, seriously they are my favorite thing to wear, they make anything more cozy/chic in my opinion!

  2. Such a cool location! And I'm all about the effortlessly chic looks which you definitely have going on here! I'd love it if you checked out my blog too! :)

    Justine of The Desert Mermaids


    1. thanks justine! can't wait to look at your site :)