walking around the city right now is straight up magical. i've mentioned it before how there are christmas lights strung up everywhere & here are some pictures to prove it. these aren't your standard christmas lights, but giant light designs all throughout the streets in the city. it's completely amazing. they really know how to get the holiday mood going here. the main downtown plaza, puerta del sol, has the "main" christmas tree set up & it's 12 stories tall.  plus a lot of people dressed up like santa claus. there is christmas music blasting in every store & almost all stores have lights blinking in all of their windows. one of the main department stores, el corte ingl├ęs, has christmas tents set up outside a few of their stores around the city that are everything christmas inside, decorations, gifts, trees & if there isn't a tent outside, there is a floor in the store dedicated to christmas. the entire city is lit up.

just about every night after austin gets home from school & cedar wakes up from his nap we go on a walk around the city so that we (mostly just me) can see all of the lights, i really can't get enough & it's so cute when cedar gets excited for them, pointing, oohing & ahhing. it's a lot of fun. they even have a bus that they call navibus, that will take you around all of the street lights in the city that is supposed to be amazing. we haven't had a chance to go on it yet, but you can guarantee we'll be going on it... probably at least twice. there are various christmas markets around (they aren't known for being that great, but they're decorated well!) the city, nativities set up all over & more christmas trees set up in a lot of the plazas or main centers. it's so much fun.
(when you don't have anyone to take a picture of you & your boo, you jump into the picture he's taking to send to his mom.)

i can't believe christmas is practically here, this is probably the fastest december i've ever had, but i probably say that every year. haha. luckily our christmas shopping has been really easy since austin & i decided to do a trip for our christmas, we only got cedar & our family presents & i'm proud/shocked to say we've been done christmas shopping since before december even came. i've never been so prepared for a holiday before in my life & knowing me, this probably won't happen again cause i'm a big procrastinator & into doing things last minute... but it really is a good feeling not to stress about it!

this christmas is going to be so different from all the others i've had, but i'm excited to bring the traditions i grew up with & that austin grew up & some new ones of our own to our little christmas! what are some of your holiday traditions?


  1. this is phenomenal and magical! can't even get over it.

    1. it is seriously amazing, if you ever have a chance go to spain in december! haha