since moving i've (surprisingly) really missed the snow. supposedly it can & does (very rarely) snow in madrid, but it's mostly just incredibly cold. so when i heard it was supposed to snow on sunday i was so excited, i definitely got my hopes up looking forward to white fluffy snowflakes, which never happened, but there were a few tine flakes floating around. i had really hoped that by the time we got out of church there would be snow on the ground, but that was not the case at all. there were just a few little flakes floating around that would melt way before they got anywhere near the ground, but i still insisted we go for a walk in what little snowfall there was. 

sadly it did start actually snowing & it even stuck on cars & benches, but it wasn't until cedar was already asleep for the night so we didn't get a chance to go outside in the snow. buuut austin did scoop up a little snowball from the snow that landed outside our window, haha.

coat: zara
leggings: lulu lemon
boots: chinese laundry (they'er on sale!)
mittens: h&m (sale!)
beanie: anthropologie

p.s. if you have ever considered getting over the knee boots, definitely get them they keep your legs SO warm, it's amazing :)


  1. Sooooo, I am in LOVE with your jacket and hat! You look too cute! I'm glad you got a little bit of snow but sad that Cedar wasn't awake to see it falling. I love snow but only on days when I can stay cozy inside and watch it come down. And I completely agree with you about the knee-high boots- they are stylish and warm :)

    1. thanks emma! i was far too excited for the snow to happen haha, but it gave me a good reason to dress extra warm & to have a cozy day cause like you said it's the best for snow!

  2. So in love with your outfit! Especially the jacket!

  3. you're adorable! you can take some of our snow from utah ;)

    xo, k

    1. ahh i wish i could take your snow!! i would in a heart beat!