my favorite memories growing up are of spending the day at silverstrand beach with all of our family friends. us kids would run around like wild, boogie board for hours, dig the deepest holes possible to make forts, & put forth our absolute best efforts into catching seagulls. those were seriously some of the best days. it never crossed my mind that one day i would be one of those moms, & that's totally what i am.

since getting to california it has felt nothing like winter & soooo much like mid summer. i'm talking weather in the mid 80's, it's crazy & i'm loving it, especially for days spent at the beach. last friday ashley & i packed cedar & her two kids, millie & johnny into the car & headed down to silverstrand to meet up with nick & shayla who had come to from utah. ashley & i kept laughing about how we have turned into our moms, carting all the toys & towels & snacks, chasing the kids around the beach & letting them run wild all over the place. but it's just as much fun now as it was when we were kids, maybe even more fun, which i definitely wouldn't have thought possible when i was a kid, haha. 

i always miss the beach when i don't leave near it & being back in california has definitely made me realize juuuust how much i miss living near the beach & how much i love beach life. it's seriously one of the absolute best ways to grow up, i swear. there are few better ways than spend your day than at the beach with your family & friends. it's been so great to be home & in the 5 days of being home i had gone to the beach 3 times, it's like a magnet to me. 

cedar had a few rough days due to jet lag & what not so in the early mornings when he would wake up around 5:30/6, i would put him in the car, go get some donuts & we'd head to the beach. it's kind of my favorite thing to do.


  1. the beach really is one of the few places on earth that i can do literally nothing & be completely content. glad to see you're loving your visit back to the states! xo

  2. awww i love this and miss it already!!!

  3. growing up in orange county, I have such happy childhood memories of the beach too, so I know what you mean. also, your suit (from what I can see of it) is super cute! I love the back! such happy photos :)

  4. Ahhh that looks like heaven right there! Love beach time with babies.