my little cedar baby is not much of a baby anymore guys. he is growing like a weed, that's for sure. back in november when we first moved he could haaaardly reach the 0 & 1 buttons on the elevator & now he can reach 4 & 5! that's a lot of growth! everyday he is learning new things- words, animal sounds, tricks.. he's constantly doing something new & it is so much fun to see. he understands so much, i love that i can ask him to do something or get somethings & that he gets it, he can go & do it. he's currently really great at throwing stuff away & i love it! he thinks it's fun, i think it's convenient plus it teaches him what goes in trash & what doesn't, so it's a win win, haha. 

when he wakes up from naps or in the morning he has started to say "mama". he'll jump in his crib saying "mama, mama!" until austin & i go get him & one of my favorite things about it is when austin goes to get him & he says "dada!" so excitedly, like he didn't realize austin could get him. it is so cute. i love when i catch him all the time sitting on the couch with his books around him, trying to read, pointing at the different animals saying what they are & making the sounds they make. or when i walk in & he is laying on the floor with his pad of paper coloring, all on his own. i love that he just thinks that he should color or read without anyone telling him he should, it's so fun seeing what it is that he wants to do & that he does it on his own. i recently introduced finger painting to him & it's now one of his favorite things to do & my favorite part of it is when he goes "dip dip dip" every time he touches the paper, i think it's pretty adorable. 

these are just a handful of the moments that i never want to forget about, these cute, simple, magical moments that i get to share with him on the daily. i'm kind of obsessed with my kid, i'm definitely that mom, but i'm ok with it... cause he's pretty adorable.


  1. he goes and reads by himself? that melts my heart. he's a good egg.

    1. oh my goodness i know, it seriously is the most adorable thing ever. i always just stand back & gawk at him when i catch him in the act haha