we had two full days in lisbon & spent one of them going around to different towns, one of the towns that we stopped at was sintra. sintra was such a cool little town, full of color, really different architecture & multiple estates & castles. we stopped at two different palaces: palace of sintra & the pena national palace. 

the palace of sintra is totally different from pretty much any other palace i have ever seen. the entire outside is white while the inside is decorated heavily in intricate, colorful tiles & the two cone shapes on the roof were over the kitchen.
  the pena national palace, which is just above the palace of sintra totally blew my mind. it is built on top of a hill with gardens surrounding the lower area, with amazing views in every direction of portugal & was so bright & fun! the palace was commissioned by king consort ferdinand II to be a summer palace for the royal family. it's a mixture of midevil & moorish styles, which is a fun & differnt mix. it reminded me of something you would see in germany, so when we went back to the hotel i looked it up & it was actually built by a german architect! so i guess i was onto something, haha. the outside of the palace is really fun, painted in gray, white, yellow & red, which isn't very common for palaces. the portuguese really know how to brighten a place up! it is beautiful.

plus, it's a unesco world heritage site :)

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  1. amaaaaaaazing pictures. so much life envy!! stephen went to portugal once and always RAVES about it, hopefully i'll get to go there someday too!