last week we took a quick trip to morocco. it sounds funny to say that, but it was truly quick & when it's only a 1.5 hour flight & you can get roundtrip tickets for 50 euros..... why not? austin & i have both been wanting to get back to morocco since our trip back in january & i'm so happy we did! & it worked out perfectly since austin had a long weekend at school, so we could come back & have a day to re-coop before austin had school again. it's like this trip was meant to be. 

we had a late flight to marrakech so we only had two days there, but it was perfect for us. we spent our first day going through the medina, drinking 100 fresh squeezed o.j.'s, weaving our way through all that it had to offer & checking out the different goods. the medina is really a crazy experience, there is so much stuff everywhere, everyone is trying to get you to buy their stuff which is fun & overwhelming. we were all completely exhausted after our day in the medina & had gotten our fill of it so we spent the evening & next day running around the hotel & swimming which was exactly what each of us needed. 

speaking of our hotel... it was comical. two days before our trip we hadn't booked anywhere to stay (i don't know why....) & one night while austin was at school late he emailed me a link to the most amazing looking resort that was just 10 minutes by taxi to the medina & only 30 euros a night (slow season deals, holla!). talk about score, am i right? the room looked amazing, the pool even more amazing, it all seemed perfect, which definitely should have been a sign, but we were so excited for this greaaaaat deal, so we booked it! yay! fast forward to arriving in marrakech. we get a taxi from the airport, it's 11 pm & we drive for probably 20 minutes, half of which was down a dark road/dirt path & i had legitimate thoughts that we were being kidnapped (i'm a worrier). luckily for us, we were not kidnapped, our hotel was just in the middle of nowhere. we checked in to the hotel & austin & i both kept saying how quiet it was & strange it was.. there were fountains everywhere but none of them working, literally seemed like we were the only ones in the entire hotel, just a little bit funny. so then we go to our hotel room, exhausted & ready for sleep & it was 100% not the room they pictured on the website! they really fooled us. austin & i kept laughing over this. we had been SO excited & thought it was too good to be true, which it apparently was. the room was really ok, just not at all what we had imagined. & seeing the hotel in the daylight, with other guests, was a lot better than in the dark of night. you know how hotels in vegas always have really amazing, cool pools & then the rooms are kind of/really disgusting? that was pretty much what this was. but hey, you can't complain too much for 30 euros a night, right? however, if you went in the middle of busy season, it would be worth complaining for paying 200 euros a night. traveling is always an adventure, especially in different countries :)

i also only took a gopro on this trip & we forgot to/how to turn it off the fisheye setting... so there's that. plus, cedar decided the gopro was his & the majority of videos & pictures are of his mouth or a close of up his face cause he kept trying to work it how i work my camera with the lens & all, which was pretty cute & funny.

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