since austin is in the midst of finals he's been leaving early for school & coming back late, so i've been working hard on keeping cedar & i busy. it's pretty easy for us to stay home & play, especially with how hot it's been here, but we both get tired of being inside all the time. this weekend was no different, we were out & about as much as we could manage & it was a really fun weekend. cedar & i spent friday running around retiro, going to as many playgrounds as he could find & going to the rose garden which is amazing & deserves it's own post. that night after cedar was asleep & austin was studying in the kitchen i watched one of my favorite movies in the world: legends of the fall. have you seen it? if not, you definitely need to. it's gut-wrenching & makes me cry every. single. time. it's amazing. saturday we went to brunch at this cute little spot called the toast & then austin went to school to study while cedar & i met our friends to play & for some ice-cream which is always a good combination.

saturday night i went out with some of the moms from a playgroup i take cedar to on wednesdays & stayed out far too late. i don't got out a whole lot at night without cedar, so i always forget what "going out" entails here in spain. i figured i'd be back by midnight but these moms had a different idea & we didn't even get home until 2:30, which was an early night for the rest of them, & i was exhausted! i don't know how they do it. they were telling me how they normally would stay out until 4 a.m. & how it's normal for people to stay out going from place to place until 6 a.m. guys, spain really knows how to party. it was fun going out & getting to know these moms some more. most of the time i don't get to chat a whole lot at playgroup cause everyone is chasing their kid, so it was nice to sit down & get to know them a bit more. it's so much fun too cause everyone is from different places, there was someone from germany, uruguay, scotland & england. i love learning about what life is like in each of these different places & how we all connect here in spain through our kids. it's pretty cool when you think about it.
^^you know, for when you want to go to the bathroom with your friend
hope you all had a good weekend!


  1. ah spain sounds great for night owls haha! so cool to meet so many people from different places! also, cedar's face in the ice cream picture is ADORABLE.