my fun blog friend leah challenged me to tell 10 things you hopefully don't know about me. i love doing these sort of things & reading other peoples, so i was pretty excited to read her & see that she asked me to play along! for some reason it took me an insanely long time to think of 10 things, but i finally did it!
1// growing up i played tennis just about 5 days a week from the time i was 4 until i quit when i was 10. i don't think i touched a tennis racket again until i was 14 & i joined my high school tennis team. considering how long i played & that my family is really into tennis, or was, i should be a lot better than i am... but i actually didn't like playing until i was about 16, so i never took it seriously.

2// i'm a sucker for tv series, i can get sucked in easily & then i have to finish it. no matter how bad of a show it is.

3// my ringtone has been hip hop by dead prez for the last 4 years. if you don't know that song, listen to it here!

4// if something is made with cilantro & lime, or lemon i automatically want to get it. even if it's something i don't usually like. i just really love those 3 flavors.

5// i had hair to my waist & sometimes longer until i was 12. i always begged my mom to cut my hair & she didn't want to, then the day of my sisters wedding i was left alone with the hair stylist & she noticed my hair was slightly crooked so i asked her to cut it to my shoulders. i still remember my moms less-than-impressed face when she saw my hair when they all came out of the temple.

6// i have an ongoing list in my head of all the places i want to go to & am constantly planning adventures.

7// when i was little i would hum a lot & was convinced other people couldn't hear it.

8// i have a pretty firm belief that dreams have meanings, not all dreams of course, but there are just some that do, or sort of are a prediction of sorts. i've had multiple cases of having a dream & something incredibly similar happening shortly after. because of this i got interested in lucid dreaming for a couple years & read a ton about it & practiced it. dreams really intrigue me, but now.... i hardly ever have dreams. it's weird.

9// i know every single word to i wish by skee-lo. if you don't know it you can listen to it here! not sure why i know it, or how i came to know all the words, but it's pretty cool that i do, ha!

10// i have absolutely no rhythm what so ever. so i'm basically the worst dancer in the world / most embarrassing one. i've learned to embrace it :)

i challenge whoever else wants to play along!


  1. haha kerry i love reading these - always such interesting insight about someone! my favorite is the humming - and you thought other people couldn't hear it? hahaha! also, i feel ya on the adventure list. i have a master list on my phone (for this summer in the city) and by the time we cross one thing off of the list, i have added like 30. yay for being adventurers!

  2. this list is fantastic!! lucid dreaming?! amazing!! do you keep a dream journal?

    1. i used to, but i stopped after my lucid dreaming stint! i actually don't have a whole lot of dreams anymore, so when i do they tend to have more meaning behind them i've realized. it's sort of weird, maybe i should write them down again.. haha

  3. i loved reading this...i do remember my less than impressed face! i've never had control since! and the humming....that was funny...but, i have to say...i've always thought you were a good dancer....better than me...for sure!!!

  4. I absolutely love this post and may have to do one of my own! I am so glad that I came across your blog. Your family is adorable and your posts are so fun :)