sorry things around here have been a little quiet! turns out when your computer (that pretty much has your whole life on it) crashes, blogging comes to a slight halt. at least it did for me, haha. but it's time for an update, & some instagram pictures since they're sort of all i have to work with for the time being :)
austin started his new term at school & it's a full term squeezed into 2 months so it is keeping him busy, plus he is doing an online internship as well. talk about busy! but there is a major silver lining- once he's finished with this term he has an entire month off!!!! i cannot wait. our summer plans aren't finalized yet, but i have a pretty good idea of what we're going to do, plus we are going on a trip with my family that i am really excited about! so it should be good. the year has seriously flown by. by the time we come back from summer austin will only have three months of school left & then who knows what will happen. i mean, hopefully by then we will actually know, but as of right now we have no clue where we will be. it's kind of exciting, the options seem so endless!
cedar & i have been keeping busy going to the park & pool on the hot days, jumping in puddles & going to the retiro library on the rainy days we had last week & finishing up at playgroups. i've learned that everything starts to end & close in june, here in madrid. so all playgroups are coming to an end which is leaving me wondering what we will do all of july.. haha but i'm sure we will figure it out. luckily we won't be here for the extreme, extreme heat of august & for the complete city shut down. one piece of advice: don't go to madrid in august. it's hot, everything is closed & no one is really here, so it's a bit like a ghost town.. & i'm already seeing it start to happen. it blows my mind how an entire city can close down for a month & while i haven't been in spain in august, i have been to milan, italy in august & almost nothing was open. it was a real buzz kill for our trip, but i'm guessing that's how madrid will be.
i've been keeping myself busy working on a bit of a side project. i haven't talked about it much on here yet because i have been protective & worried that it wouldn't fully workout, so i didn't want to chance myself! i'm working on opening an online shop soon-ish & for some reason starting this project makes me feel a little vulnerable. i won't say a whole lot more quite yet but what i will say about it is a) it's been keeping me really busy & it has been really fun & exciting! b) it makes me nervous c) my computer crashing has made it REALLY hard but i'm trying to get it going still.
cedar has changed so much already since his birthday. it's as if he turned 2 & a switch went off, in a good way. he hasn't hit the terrible two's yet & it is leaving me really hopeful, haha. but he has grown so much! he is talking SO much more, repeating everything i say & using it on his own in the correct ways & just learning so much. it's amazing to watch & it makes my heart so proud. he is pulling his own sentences together & really trying to say what he wants or is feeling. i have waited so long for this to happen, speech has come a little slower to cedar since he has been dealing with the dual language thing, but he's really getting it now. even more than speaking his motor skills are going wild, he has always been good at stacking different objects, but he is all of a sudden obsessed with puzzles & can do them on his own & loves naming the shapes while he does it. it is really, really fun to watch.


  1. aAAAAH that is just so frustrating about your computer. It seems like you have a really good attitude about it though so props to ya haha. Also that's awesome about your side project/business! I can't wait to see what you have in store!

  2. Super excited about your shop!!! You got this girl!!! :)