today is our THIRD wedding anniversary. i can't believe it has been three years already, it has gone by so fast but at the same time it feels like a lot has happened so we should have been married for longer! life has been one big adventure ever since i met austin & i love him for that. as soon as i met austin i knew there was something different with him, something i was just drawn to, something i had never experienced before. our relationship moved quickly once i met him & it feels like we've been in fast forward ever since, it's been a whirlwind but an incredible one & i wouldn't have it any other way.

i don't think i've ever shared exactly how austin & i met & what better time to do so than on our anniversary? i want to have it written down here in this blog world, because most of the important parts of my life are already on here.

the year before i met austin i became good friends with a group of boys that lived in a house across the street from me while i was in school in provo, ut. at the beginning of the new school year (2011) i had been over at the house & my debit card fell out of my pocket, it was late & i was lazy so i decided i didn't need it until the next day. when i went back to the house i walked in without knocking, per usual, & austin was sitting at the couch in the front room. i had never seen him in the house before & i didn't think anyone was going to be there so i was surprised when he was home & instead of being a normal nice girl & saying "hello", i accusingly said "who are you?" as if it was my house. from there we exchanged pleasantries & he sat on the couch playing hot & cold with me while i looked for my debit card around his house (his roommate hid it from me since i didn't immediately go & get it, so austin sort of helped by telling me whether i was close to it or not). a couple of days after our first encounter i was back at his house hanging out with another roommate & decided to go home but before leaving i thought i would say bye to austin, trying to make a new friend & we ended up talking for hours instead & after that i was hooked. there was something about him, i just wanted to be around him & know more, in our talking i learned that he loved rock climbing & i was looking for someone to climb with, so after a lot of effort & possibly forcing on my part, i finally got him to go climbing with me (later he told me he was terrified that i was going to kill him because he didn't think i actually knew how to climb & that was partially why he didn't want to go. which is rude.) & after that day we saw each other almost every single day. i was so weird & nervous around him. once we got home after our first time climbing together i didn't know if he wanted to hangout still so i just said bye & ran across the street. i was seriously so weird. luckily it didn't scare him off too much though. a couple weeks later we had our first kiss & i think it was maybe that same week or the week after we were putting sticky notes over this gigantic map he had, mapping out all the places in the world we wanted to see & i jokingly told him he would have to marry me if he wanted me to go on the world trip, otherwise my mom wouldn't like it & he just looked at me, i think not knowing what to say & finally just said "ok" (just to clarify, this is in no way when we actually got engaged..... haha).
call me crazy, but i knew at that point that i really wanted to marry austin & it freaked me out because i had maybe known him a month & i had never been that kind of person to jump into things so quickly. but everything was different with austin. i fell in love fast with him & i wouldn't change a single thing about it. 9 months later we got married & it is the best thing i have ever done.

& now for a slew of engagement / wedding photos because i am still obsessed with them & like to share them whenever possible!


  1. kerry! happy anniversary - i love hearing people's love stories and i love how yours started. "who are you?" haha! aaaand your dress. your dress! it is stunning.

  2. ahhh ! you're love story is adorable!! and i love how you guys were world travelers from the very very beginning. so so adorable.