i can't get over that i have a 2 year old. where has the time gone!? the day of cedars birthday i took close to no pictures. can you believe that? i don't know what i was thinking, but i guess i was busy having fun with him to bother with my camera or even my phone. i've been kicking myself over it ever since, but at the same time he had my complete attention like he should! we woke up & went out for a little celebratory breakfast (in all honesty this was more an excuse for austin & i to go out to breakfast cause it's not like cedar cared!) for cinnamon rolls & muffins. after breakfast we came home to open presents & play with all the goods. it was so cute watching him open his gifts, he was so excited over every single one & wanting to play with it immediately after opening it! when i put cedar down for his nap i baked carrot cake cupcakes (every. single. one. fell.) & rice krispie treats to take to his party later in the afternoon. once he woke up we booked it to retiro where his party was happening, put out some blankets & let the kids run wild around the playground. the party was really fun, i was nervous at first that there wouldn't be a huge turn out, but i invited everyone from the playgroups we attend & so many people came! it was so sweet, everyone was so excited for his birthday & he was loving being the star. cedar was soooo excited when everyone sang happy birthday to him too, it was adorable every time they said "birthday" he would quietly say "birthday" back & clapping. he definitely loved his birthday & was totally partied out by the time we got home. it was also fun because the majority of people that came to the party aren't from the states & had never had rice krispie treats the way we make them & everyone devoured them!

dear mr. cedar,
you are two years old which i think means you are officially a toddler. you're no longer a little baby, but i'll still treat you like one & call you one because no matter what you will always be my baby. it feels weird to think that i have a two year old, it feels like just yesterday that we were taking you back to our little home in provo for the very first time. it's amazing how much you have grown & changed in the last year of your life. you are such a brave & independent little soul & i couldn't be more proud of you for that. the constant string of babbles coming out of your mouth are never ending & always make me smile, partly because i have no idea what half of them mean but you say them with such determination. you have such an imagination & you know just what you want to happen. you are completely obsessed with animals of all shapes & sizes. you get so excited by every bird or dog you see around the city, it is so fun to walk with you because you point all of them out & are constantly looking at the sky for birds. i love catching you sitting in the middle of all your books, reading them to yourself & hearing how you tell the stories. you are too much fun & keep your dad & i really, really busy! we love you with all our hearts, cedar baby.

favorite food: corn, indian food, watermelon, strawberries
favorite drink: chocolate milk
favorite snack: suckers
favorite toy: any & all animals, especially your hippo & cars
favorite show: toy story
favorite song: theme song to robin hood
traveled to: new mexico, california, costa rica, spain, morocco, germany, france & portugal
flown: 25 x's
lived in: 1 new country / continent / city
weighs: 24 lbs
side note: my computer has completely died. won't turn on or anything. i'm pretty devastated over it cause i haven't backed it up in WAY too long, in typical kerry fashion, so i haven't been able to access anything for my blog, so sorry it's been slow! we've taken it to get fixed though so hopefully it'll be up & running again soon. wish me luck!

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