i don't think i was very good at doing 'bumpdates' with cedar or taking regular pictures of my growing belly & i'm still not doing so hot with it, but i'm trying my best (also, these pictures have made me realize i realllllllly need to stop doing iphone only pictures & use my camera. i've been so lazy)! there is an onion-sized baby in that belly of mine, at least that's what my app says haha & i may not look like i've got a lot of bump going on, but from my angle when i look down at my belly i can totally see it.. but the pictures are oddly deceiving! it's growing though, that is for sure. 

how far along are you? as of tuesday i am officially 17 weeks, aka 4 months & 1 week, haha. CRAZY! the time is really flying by.... hopefully it keeps flying.

sleep? honestly depends on the night, but i'm not so sure if that's from being pregnant or the not so comfortable mattress we have here in spain.. haha

movement? i am pretttttty sure i have been feeling the baby kick for the last couple of days. it's slightly confusing though because the first day i felt it i was pretty sick... so i wasn't totally positive that i was feeling the baby or just, being sick.. ha BUT! i've felt it consistently since then, so i'm gonna say it was the baby :) p.s. being sick, like not pregnancy-related sickness, while pregnant is the worst. the last time i was sick like this was when i was pregnant with cedar & it was caused from dehydration & i was terrified on when i woke up that it was happening again, luckily it wasn't that bad. people shouldn't be able to get sick while pregnant.

symptoms? luckily i have finished the constantly feeling sick phase of pregnancy, but i am still always tired so i try to take a nap everyday while cedar naps, it's actually pretty nice. i should have implemented this into my life far before i got pregnant haha. i've also had a little more acne which i think is to blame on the pregnancy, hopefully that ends sometime soon! oh! & definitely increased sense of smell. i've also been having a lot of crazy, vivid dreams which is sometimes cool & other times i could really do without. the dreams are one of the weirder side affects to pregnancy i think.

cravings? i haven't had any i-need-this-right-this-second type cravings, but certain things to sound more appealing.. mostly just salty things.. salt & vinegar chips, french fries.. all those unhealthy type of things. i've always had a thing for salt but it's a little more heightened now. i also have been really liking bubbly water, which is something i absolutely used to hate. but anytime my stomach is a little iffy feeling this stuff makes it feel 100% so i have been drinking it a lot.

looking forward to ? our next dr. appointment! our last dr. appointment we got our first printout of the ultra sound which i was really excited for, haha & they gave us SO many different views. it was pretty exciting! our next appointment is genetic testing where they basically test anything & everything. it's a test they offer in the states but we chose not to do it with cedar, but here in spain it's mandatory. it'll be interesting to see what they do & what they learn from the test since it's something i've never done before.


  1. These photos are so pretty, even if they're just from a phone! You look so happy and very lovely.