everyday i walk by this tiny flower shop, admire the flowers & sometimes i buy one of the ladies bouquets. the other day as i walked by the little shop it made me miss the summer when i worked with a floral company, so i decided to buy a few different bundles & see what i could make from them. i miss working with my hands, doing something creative & this seemed like the perfect outlet for me, seeing as i don't really have any crafting supplies & didn't feel like buying some!
from the three bundles i bought i was able to make one bouquet & three smaller centerpiece types to spread throughout our little home. having fresh flowers around instantly makes me happier & makes wherever you live look happier too. aaanyway, i thought i'd do a little d.i.y. on how to make a floral arrangement! before my experience with the floral company i had no idea how they made their arrangements, but it's really simple, i promise!
we don't have a whole lot on the vase front here, so instead i used a pitcher & a few jars i've kept from jam, pasta sauce & who knows what. i'm a jar collector & in times like these, it really comes in handy :) i like using different jars though that vary in size & height (even if only slightly!) so there isn't a total uniform look happening.
you can use whatever flowers you want, easy as that! i like different texture & color & i like having some greenery, hence the eucalyptus, plus i adore the smell of it. 
1.  start with one handful of flowers (since these flowers have multiple buds on one stem it made it easy, but i'd start with 3 or 4 if they are singles).
2. add some more! 
3. take your second flower & put some in between the first two handful of flowers & try to disperse them throughout so that it doesn't look like complete bundles.
 4. add your greenery & then go wild. look at your bouquet & find any holes or patches that look like they need to be broken up & add more to fill them up as you go.
i like my flowers to have a sort of wild look to it so i don't trim the stems all to one length, keeping different heights to add a little texture & what not & there you go, a lovely bouquet. it's pretty simple. you just need to mess around with the flowers a little to get the look that you're wanting :)
these are the little jars i made with the leftover flowers i had. the first is basically a replica of the bigger bouquet, the second is straight eucalyptus with a few little yellow buds to add some color & the third is eucalyptus with some daisies. they're all simple & straightforward. creating things with the leftovers is half of the fun i think.

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