IT'S A...

18/42 weeks

when i first knew i was pregnant i really hoped that we would have another boy. the thought of a little brother for cedar to run around & wrestle with sounded pretty adorable in my mind. plus, we already have a lot of "boy" stuff, so it would be easy on that aspect, haha. but as i got farther along in my pregnancy i felt pretty confident that we were going to have a girl, not a boy. my pregnancy this time around was feeling totally different than with cedar, i felt more sick, i am pretty positive i have been more moody (sorry aus!), i've had more acne & i was having more cravings than i did the first time around. it's been a lot different & the only explanation i could come up with was that i was growing a baby girl in that belly of mine! 

i started to feel pretty confident in this feeling but at our first dr. appointment, when i was 14 weeks, the dr. said that it was going to be a boy! i was beyond shocked & austin was overly excited. but i still wasn't sold that it was a boy, i mean i was only 14 weeks along & while gender doesn't normally change from boy to girl, but girl to boy... i still thought maybe the dr. saw something wrong in the ultrasound. i was just so sure that it was a girl! so i decided to wait till our next appointment before telling everyone & guess what? it was a boy... & i was still equally shocked hearing it the second time around. so much for my motherly intuition!

we are pretty stoked though to have another little guy to cuddle & pitter patter about the house with cedar. i think it will be so much fun watching these two grow up with each other. for me, part of the excitement of having another child is thinking about him & cedar being best friends & growing up together. i absolutely loved having siblings growing up & love the sibling bond. it makes me so pumped to watch it happen between my own little humans :)


  1. first of all, can we talk about your braid? DANG GIRL. secondly, cedar is so adorable and i can't wait to see him with a baby brother! you are such a sweet mama.

    1. thank you! you're comment is so sweet! & that braid looks far more impressive than it actually is, haha