this photo does not do my belly justice, but at the same time i like it because of that, haha. when i asked austin to take it he said "it's kind of hard cause black is slimming but it helps with the skeleton look..." haha not my intentions, but i promise you the bump is there. i seem to always wear black though so it's hard to get a good picture, i'll have to switch it up one day soon!

how far along are you? 23 weeks! i am officially over the halfway mark in my pregnancy, which is both great & terrifying! this child is seriously going to come into our lives before i even know it!

sleep? still just depends on the night, my back is pretty painful still but i just put a pillow underneath it or sleep on my side with a pillow under my belly & that seems to do the trick.

movement? lots & lots & lots of movement, especially around ... 11 p.m. that's the time this babe likes to party :)

symptoms? i'm no longer feeling any morning sickness which makes me so very happy. i'm still pretty tired but besides that & my back hurting, i'd say i don't have any symptoms, so i'm feeling pretty lucky.

cravings? i'm boring, no cravings.

looking forward to ? as always i'm excited for the next appointment to check up on the little guy. having a baby in february & moving in december to somewhere (not sure where yet....), has me feeling slightly flustered. i feel like i can't fully prepare, even though i don't know what i would be doing to prepare, but i just feel like i can't. so i'm looking forward to moving & hopefully preparing more so, haha.

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