we our last day in scotland going to two different castles: glamis & donottar.  the first castle we stopped at was glamis castle. glamis has been in the lyon family since the 14 century, but the current castle has been around since the 17 century & it was the home to Queen Elizabeth the queen mother, just a little fun fact for you. it's a really well-kept, still running castle! from what i understand the lyon family still lives in part of the castle, which is really cool, & they have it open for tours as well. 

when we got back to our hotel later that night we googled the history on both castles we saw & we found out that glamis is supposedly haunted. there are a few different ghost stories on the interner about the castle, which is totally creepy, especially since the family still lives there. but! if you are interested, read some of the stories on this site :)
Dunottar is a totally different experience from glamis, which you can probably tell from the photos, haha. it has been around since the early middle ages, but what remains is mostly from the 15 century. the castle played a big role in the jacobite uprising in the 18 century because of its location. it also is where scotland hid their crown jewels from oliver cromwell's army in the 17 century. just a few fun facts for you!

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  1. reading those ghost stories was pretty creepy. (the lady without a tongue..? gross.) i love the little tidbits that you share from the history of each place you go, never stop doing that! i feel like i am living through your european adventures AND getting a tour of all the amazing places you're going :)