celebrating holidays in different countries is always interesting. i love seeing the differences between how i grew up celebrating & what the cultural norms here, in spain, are. sometimes the differences are small & sometimes they're pretty big. for instance, halloween here in spain is different than back home in the states mainly because they don't totally celebrate it here. halloween is definitely more of an american holiday than other nationality, but i think spain is in the beginning stages of adopting halloween. the shops decorate here & there, some sell halloween decorations & sometimes you can even find a pumpkin at the random grocery store or vegetable market! from what i hear halloween is gaining more popularity every year; there were a few little kids running around the streets in their costumes & a couple different schools i know of had a dress up day. 

about a week before halloween i decided to look into what sort of activities may be going on for halloween & whether or not there was anywhere to go trick or treating, which there was! but weirdly they did it the saturday before halloween instead of on halloween.. so we missed it, haha. & on actual halloween we did nothing, ha! at least nothing to celebrate. some friends of ours came over for dinner & brought the most delicious home-made donuts though, so i was really happy with the way our halloween turned out :) 

i really wanted cedar to have a reason to dress up in a costume & celebrate, so when i learned that we had basically missed spanish halloween i suggested to the I.E. playgroup that we have a halloween party for the little kids, luckily everyone was on board & it turned out really fun. the kids all came in costumes & had so much fun playing & seeing the other children dressed up, & there were definitely some sugar highs going on from all the treats that we had, haha. cedar's class he goes to also had a halloween party complete with mask painting, a jolly jump, children halloween music & monster story time. it was really cute when i took cedar because it was all decorated & he was just so excited! then on friday morning some of us from a different playgroup met up at a park where the kids played in their costumes.

it was a different sort of halloween, but there were a lot of celebrations which i didn't expect to happen. instead of halloween lasting a single day we had three full days of it, which i'm starting to think is the way to go. especially after i spent probably too much time making cedars costume, haha.


  1. You guys look great! Celebrating halloween for so long seems like the perfect thing. 1 day isn't enough!

    1. thanks! i know, i like the whole week-long halloween deal, it's far more fun :)