LIFE, MAN! it never stops. i feel like i haven't done a life update in quite a while, which is sort of silly cause this whole blog is about my life, but i've decided to give an update on all things going on right now.

i'm. supposed to be packing, but i'm jus sitting on my bed looking at my phone & taking pictures. documenting the disaster that is our bedroom & the tiny finger smudges all over our mirror. 
+austin is in the middle of his LAST finals week, hurray!!! come friday he will be completely finished with school & come december 18 he will be officially graduated from his IMBA program. i could not be more proud of him for all of the work he has put in to this year & how well he has done. he's truly such a hard worker & was so busy but somehow made it possible managing both his program & having time for his family. i'm pretty excited for him & for the next chapter in our life after school.

+we are supposed to be packed up & ready to go by friday & we have a whopping one bag packed...ultimate procrastinators over here. especially me. i don't know what it is but i always leave anything important until the last minute & i always hate myself for it, but it is what it is. you know those weeks where you have 100000000000 things to do but you can't get yourself to do anything productive? yeah, that's me right now. worst timing too, especially with thanksgiving this week.

+speaking of thanksgiving, we are celebrating with the other americans in our ward & neighboring wards this thursday & all the missionaries. we did a similar thing last year, but there are a lot more people this year & we're doing it potluck style & i have offered to supply pie, cranberry sauce & a sweet potato casserole (basically the only things i eat on thanksgiving i offered to bring), so i have spent far too much time searching the internet  for recipes on everything. last year i took sweet potatoes & for some reason didn't save the recipe i used, which was a dumb move cause they were really good. so hopefully this years are just as good! also, i went to the american store to get canned cranberries for the sauce & an individual can was € 4.25! pricey, pricey. better not mess that up.

+austins parents are coming saturday morning for austins graduation! it's not until the 18 but they are going to be traveling around & are kind enough to take us around with them. i'm really excited for them to come & for our trips, it is going to be so much fun. we're going to morocco, venice & munich, where my mom is going to meet up with us. we're going to be traveling around until the 15, then we come back to madrid & have a couple days to hangout, clean our apartment & move out, celebrate graduation & then we are out of here.

+december 19 is our official move date. we're going to california to spend christmas with my family which i am so stoked about cause it has been 2 years since i've had christmas there, plus cedar is going to be really into it this year which is so fun. & theres the added bonus of going to disneyland at christmas time. austin says we aren't going.... but i'm really going to work hard on getting him to go. disneyland at christmas is the only time i'm ok with dealing with all of the crowds because it is seriously the most magical, plus i could really go for some of their churros right about now.

+cedar has been exceptionally cute lately, at least when he's not throwing a tantrum over literally nothing. two year olds guys, people aren't lying when they say they're rough. but they are also way too cute to stay mad at for too long, luckily for him. 

so that my friends is where life stands as of right now. it just keeps getting busier & busier. 


  1. Congrats to Austin! We are also going to Disneyland this Christmas! Well not on Christmas Day but like a couple days before. My mom is insisting haha. It really is magical!

    1. haha i like that your mom is the one insisting & i am the one insisting that austin & i go! i can't help but love disneyland!!