it has been weighing heavily on me lately just how lucky i am & how there are so many things to be thankful for in life. there are too many to write, but here are a few.

thankful for our time here, in madrid.
thankful for what living in madrid has taught us.
thankful for our time here because it brought our tiny family even closer together.
thankful for the friends we have made while living here.
thankful for the little baby growing healthily in my belly.
thankful for the hardest working, most supportive, funniest, most loving & caring husband.
thankful that we have the things that we do.
thankful for cedar who makes me laugh, smile & love unconditionally every single day.
thankful for our families who love, support & help us continuously.
thankful for all the happiness that is in life.
thankful that we are able to travel.
thankful for facetime when i don't live close to loved ones.
thankful for my health.

happy thanksgiving everyone, what are all of YOU thankful for?

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