Venice is one of those places that you just gotta see in person if you have the opportunity. Austin & I have both been before, but his parents hadn't & it was one of his moms dream places to visit & I'm so happy we got to tag along with them on their trip there. 

I'll be totally honest, Venice has never really been one of my favorite places BUT, I absolutely loved going & seeing it in the winter opposed to the summer, when i've previously been. Seasons have a serious affect on traveling & can totally make or break a trip, in my opinion, & I think the fact that it was winter when we went totally made this Venice trip for me.

I'm used to Venice being a hot, sticky, sweaty & majorly crowded situation, but thus time around it was nine of those things. It was surprisingly cold & the crowds were totally manageable compared to the summer madness! It was much easier to get around & see everything because the lines were much shorter & it was still just as pretty. The days we were there Venice was pretty foggy & it totally added a little something to our experience there. I thought the fog was so pretty & sort of how I always imagined Venice should look, even though I'd never experienced it that way before, haha.

We were there for three nights & two full days (& we stayed at the hotel Austin & I stayed at on our honeymoon!) & accomplished everything anyone wanted to do. For me, Venice is a city that you don't need a lot of time in, so two days was plenty. My father in law took us around the island on various walking tours he had read about full of facts about the island, we went on a gondola ride, toured the palace de dogi, went up the bell tower & inside of st. Marks cathedral, & cedar had the time if his life chasing the pigeons. A trip to Venice isn't totally complete without being attacked by those pigeons, & that definitely also happened. While sitting on some steps enjoying gelato, no matter how cold  it is you have to have gelato in Italy, cedar took a bite of my ice cream cone & the birds zeroed in on the tiny crumbs that fell & full on attacked. Luckily for Austin & my in laws, they weren't right next to cedar & I, so it was just the two of us being swarmed. Cedar was looooving it, laughing so much cause he was obsessed with the gross birds & I was screaming cause I hate them. I kept yelling for Austin to help & he was laughing cause who wouldn't be, & I eventually thought to just throw the gelato & the birds flew off with it. Sadly there are no pictures or videos of the attack, It would have been the perfect thing to document, haha. I truly hate pigeons, so this was a bit of a nightmare for me, but it makes for a good story.


  1. This looks incredible! you and cedar are toooOOOO cute. I would love to go to europe at all someday lololol :') :') :')

  2. WOW. so stunning. you're right - these wintertime photos have this lovely etherial sense about them - guess i'll have to plan a winter italy trip. :)

  3. I love Venice! So awesome re-experiencing it through your photos! I feel like winter is totally the perfect time to visit because those narrow streets with all those people can be ridiculous!