austins parents arrived in madrid saturday morning & we jetted off to marrakech monday night. we were there for two days & managed to get the full tour of marrakech in. we saw everything from majorelle garden (read about our first trip to the garden here) to the bahia palace, the souk & everything in between. we also got to shop around for some new products for my shop & i am soo excited about them! i can't wait to post them to my shop & show what we were able to find.

this was our third time in marrakech, so austin & i felt pretty comfortable & confident that we knew our way around the souks which we did for the most part but, we did get a little lost one time, haha. but luckily everyone is very friendly & willing to help, especially if you are willing to pay them a little bit. money goes a long way in marrakech, remember that if you are ever planning to go! 

while the people in marrakech are really friendly, they are also incredibly pushy so you really need to watch out for that. austin & his parents were going to the post office yesterday & i didn't want to deal with crossing the busy road where cars don't stop for pedestrians with cedar's stroller, so i opted to stay in the square & wait for them. while i was waiting a lady offering henna tattoos came up asking if i wanted to look at her designs, to which i said no because i knew i wasn't going to get a henna tattoo & i didn't want to seem even remotely interested, because i knew she would really try & convince me to get one at that point. so i said no, but she grabbed my hand anyways & started drawing on it. i told her  that i had no money, absolutely none, which was completely true & she kept saying "it's for luck. just for luck. a little drawing for luck." at this point there was truly very little i could do, i mean the lady had my hand in hers & was just going for it, so i watched her. then she led me to a chair "to wait for it to dry" & she kept drawing more & i kept insisting that i had no money to pay her & she kept insisting "it's just for luck." when she finished i wasn't totally sure what to do. i thought of just leaving but the problem with that was i had to stay in this square to wait for austin & his parents otherwise they'd never find me, which also meant i couldn't actually go far away from this lady like i wanted to, so i ended up just sitting waiting for them & figured i'd give her whatever coins austin had. austin comes up & i ask him for a few coins & then the lady says "no coins, just paper money. only paper" i tell her we only have coins & she just keeps saying "only paper." my nice father-in-law goes to get her some "paper money" from his wallet & gives her some & she keeps asking for me so i say "you told me it was for luck & for free" to which she responds, "you work for free?" haha the lady was totally trying to work us, & she did succeed. i should have just walked away, but i felt bad! so we gave her the money, less than she started to ask for, & i just left. the people are intense! they will go after you, so beware of that! 

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  1. i love your photos!! and that's pretty annoying... I get that people need to make money, but that's just scammy. still a funny story to tell. :)