my sweet friend shayla snapped these pictures while we wwere at antelope island. check out her blog if you don't know about it already!

how far along are you? i've hit the 33 week mark & it's blowing my mind! this little boy is going to be here so, so soon & i'm feeling slightly unprepared. mostly because we won't have insurance until february 1 & he's due february 28.. the joys of moving mid pregnancy. guess we should have planned a little better! haha

sleep? my sleep is really deteriorating, which is a sad thing. last week we were in utah & i slept soo badly, i don't know if it was the bed, my belly or the combination, but it was not working out for me. i ended up sleeping on the couch & taking a lot of naps to try & catch up on my sleep. luckily austin found my boppy pillow in the garage & it has been a game changer. so here's to hoping my sleep gets a little better!

movement? constant movement. sometimes i think this boy is going to come out with 8 arms at the rate that i'm being kicked & punched. there's no way there are only 4 little ligaments on this guy, i swear.

symptoms? not that i know of. all though, i am starting to think my ankles are swelling up.. so maybe...

cravings? no cravings! when i was pregnant with  cedar the *idea* of desserts was always nice but then the actual dessert never tasted good to me & i have that happening again, so i'm sort of the anti-craving pregnant person.

looking forward to? having this little boy in my arms & seeing him with cedar. it's coming up so soon, i can't believe it. i love the thought of them together. in the meantime i am soaking up all the time i have with just cedar though cause it's never going to be like this again. it's a bittersweet thing.

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