it's around that time where cedar definitely deserves his own post. that little guy is growing up so fast these days. i love it & i hate it. there is so much that i don't want to forget about this time with him.his personality is so strong right now & it is adorable! cedar is constantly chatting with me, austin, his toys, whoever/whatever is around him & he comes up with funny things to say. he's just the sweetest, for reals.

cedar is getting really obsessed with using "mine" or "my" in reference to anything, which isn't the best trait a mom could ask for, especially when there's a new baby about to make their debut & you would like them to share everything, but some of the things that he uses it with make me laugh. the other day when we pulled into my moms driveway he got so excited & said "my house!" & then austin went to put cedar in the car & he yelled "my black car!" so.... sometimes i think it's cute & funny, probably cause i'm the mom, but other times it's really annoying, haha.

cedar has also been really into making noises, you know those kind when something happens that's cute or sweet & you go "awww" or "mmmm" (i have no better way to explain this)? well he makes those a lot. when he wakes up, randomly throughout the day, when you say something to him, when you give him food, when he's playing.. he is always going "aww" & little high pitched "mmm's" are coming out of him. i don't know where he got it, but it's cute & strange. little kids are so strange.

he has become very affectionate towards what he thinks is his, he saw his carseat after a couple days of not seeing it & hugged it. i gave him his water bottle, which he uses 24/7 & he did a little scream & yelled "my water!" & made some of his cute noises while hugging it, the kid is funny.

cedar's favorite things to say:
"oops daisy" he also likes to say "opps minnie" because he thinks it's about the disney characters
"wopple" for waffle.
"where?" you know how a lot of kids ask "why?" constantly? cedar asks "where?" 24/7.
"soapy sleeping" my mom has a dog named sophie that cedar calls soapy & whenever he can't find her in the house he says she's sleeping because when we lived in spain he always wanted to facetime the dog & i would have to tell him she was sleeping because of the time difference.
"gross dad" in reference to austin dancing
"where's cedar?" when he wants to play peek-a-boo because that's what i always say when we play it.

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  1. this is the sweetest little video!! he is so darling i can't get over it haha