how far along are you? technically i'm still 39 weeks, but i'm rounding up cause it's thursday & come sunday i'll "officially" be 40 weeks :)

sleep? my sleep has gotten horrible! i am so uncomfortable, constantly waking up to use the bathroom & can basically only sleep while laying on my left side... so if i ever end up on the right side, i wake up immediately. i keep hoping that he comes soon so that i can sleep, but then i am reminded that i'll have a newborn to take care of so i most likely won't be sleeping better, haha. but at least i'll be more comfortable! 

movement? movement has slowed down cause he has less & less room to kick around in since he's growing so much. plus he's all in position to pop out, so it probbaly gives him less wiggle room.

symptoms? i've started having acid reflux which is apparently normal, at least according to my doctor, because there isn't as much room for food in my belly anymore. i didn't have this with cedar at all so it's been really strange.. i also get pretty nauseous now days when i eat too much for the same reasons. not fun. add that to the lack of good sleep & my slightly swollen fingers/ankles/toes & an aching back... am i making anyone reconsider having a baby? haha i promise it's not all that bad, but it gets a little tougher in the last weeks! 

cravings? peanut butter & chocolate, so i just eat a lot of reeses, can't complain there. 

looking forward to? having the baby!! i'm really hoping i don't have another bumpdate post.

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  1. Ahhhh you're so close!! And you look amazing btw. Holy mama!!!