having a second kid makes life a little crazy. i wake up a most days smelling slightly like baby spit-up from milo's night feedings, i normally cannot remember the last time i washed my hair & i would literally have nothing to wear if it weren't for austin who is a saint & comes home from work & does the laundry, because i'm just not at that level quite yet. but one day, one day i will do the laundry again, i promise.

i've spent the past three weeks trying to find a balance in life again. balancing two kids can be overwhelming, it's as if whenever one needs me the other decides they need me at the exact same moment! our days revolve around milo's feeding schedule & trying to maintain cedar's normal daily activities so he doesn't feel forgotten or like his entire world is upside down. it's been a lot, but we're making it work & making it happen.

overall it has been so much fun with my two little boys, no matter how overwhelmed i may get it doesn't last long & it is definitely worth it. especially to see cedar with milo, it is seriously adorable. everything that comes from his mouth about milo begins with "awwwwe sweeeet miyo!" the words all drawn out in a super high pitched voice. cedar is always trying to help out, he's a great big brother. when milo cries cedar will try & get him a paci to stop his crying (often this leads to more crying, but it's the thought that counts!), or he'll say "mommy! miyo sad. need melk!" & on top of that, he is always wanting to hold/ see/ kiss him. he loves his baby brother.

there is so much more i am trying to balance in this new life, being a mother & a wife, trying to have a couple of minutes to myself etc. by the end of the day i am often so exhausted that all i want to do is sleep, but there is so much to do! & i want to be able to have some time alone with austin, even if it is only 5 minutes before i pass out asleep (happens wayyy too often lately!). i think i'm getting the hang of it though, & it has truly been three of the best weeks of my life. i would not trade right now for anything.

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