i can't believe milo has been in our lives for an entire month. time is moving far to quickly. he has been such a good & easy baby & i am so thankful for that. he loves to be held & cuddled, which i am totally loving because cedar was not a cuddly baby in the slightest, so this is totally new & oh so sweet. milo came out a thumbsucker & we have been trying to sway him away from that & towards a paci because i fear weening him from his thumb (anyone have experience with this? is it terribly hard or am i worrying myself for no reason & should embrace his thumb sucking? HELP ME!). he's a good sleeper, we put him down at 11 & he has started only waking up once in the night for a feeding between 4 & 5, then stays asleep until his next feeding at 8 a.m. & it has been so very nice for me. i couldn't breastfeed with cedar so we formula fed him & austin & i would switch off feeding him in the night so i didn't totally experience a lack of sleep. with milo i am trying really hard to be able to breastfeed him (this requires an entirely separate post) so it is only me waking up in the night & it has been exhausting! luckily i am getting more sleep now since he is sleeping so well. he has gone up in weight coming in at a total of 9.2 at his last checkup.

he has completely stolen our hearts. especially cedars, i keep telling austin that i hope milo loves cedar as much as cedar loves him, becasue i don't think cedar is going to leave him alone anytime soon.

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