Milos first time at Disneyland from kerry mullin on Vimeo.

 on tuesday we made the trek down to disneyland for the first time since milo was born. some friends of ours that i grew up with are in town visiting & wanted to take their little girl so we thought we would join in on the fun. obviously milo could care less, but i was loving that he was there even though he slept through pretty much the entire day, haha. cedar on the other hand absolutely loved it- like always. he especially was loving up on our friends little girl, payton. they are almost a full year apart & were so cute together, i couldn't get enough of it. cedar was constantly hugging her & wanting to hold her hand. the cutest moment was right when the parade started, i looked at cedar to see his reaction & i saw him reach over to payton & grab her hand to hold for the parade & it was the most adorable thing.

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