We've used baby carrier ever since Cedar was big enough, both Austin & I were so excited when he was finally big enough to go in our carrier & we both loved carrying him around in it. It wasn't until he was almost a year that I was introduced to the Wild Bird ring slings  & instantly fell in love with them. I carried Cedar in my sling until he was over 2 years old & when he got to be too heavy for me to carry that way. Both he & I loved it though & I have loved having my sling for Milo. It has been a life saver being able to put him in the sling since he was just a tiny newborn. There are so many awesome reasons people should wear their baby & use slings, but here are some of my favorites. 

1// Tasks- When you wear your baby you are able to keep up with your everyday tasks whether it's running errands, working or just finishing up chores. Keeping up with your daily life is easier when you have access to both of your hands & you can safely finish up anything that you need to work on while giving your baby the comfort of being close to the parent.

2// Security- Wearing your baby gives both of you a sense of security. Babies love to be held tightly & closely to their parents & wearing your baby helps you know that your baby is safe & secure right on you, there is no need to worry becasue you can see, feel, & hear your baby which enables you to better know what is going on with them.

3// Bonding- Baby wearing promotes a strong, healthy bond between baby & mama. The baby feels safe & loved being so close with their mom during their time in the sling, & the mama also feels a stronger bond with baby. You get so much more cuddle time than you would without a sling & everybody loves baby cuddles.

4// Strength- Wearing your baby strengthens your body. It can be a struggle to find time to workout & by wearing your baby you add extra weight which helps gain muscle & lose weight.It's a win win!

5// Clean- When your baby is in a stroller strangers often will come & look & touch the baby, but they are less likely to do so when you wear your baby, which helps protect that sweet little baby from so many germs & remain clean.

6// Siblings- When you have other children it is easier to keep up with them when you wear your baby. you are able to still play with them & help them easier since you have the use of both your hands.

7// Convenient- Ring slings are so easy to carry with you & less fuss than a stroller. You can easily store your sling in your diaper bag & just take it out when you choose to, unlike a stroller that you have to have with you the entire time you are out. They are great for travel & crowded places so that you feel less in the way & you can keep your baby closer to you.

8// Sleep- Many babies don't sleep well unless being held & most parents cannot sit & hold their baby all day, but the sling allows the baby to feel the closeness of being held & easily fall asleep. The baby can also soundly sleep while you are out running errands while slung in the sling.

9// Variety- Wild Bird offers so many different color options as we will as double or one layered linen slings, giving a wide variety of options making the sling more of a fashion statement than just a regular old carrier. They  come out with new & beautiful colors for the seasons making it easy for you to switch it up.

10// Development- It has been discovered that wearing your baby helps promote healthy development in the child. When wearing a baby it is natural for you to talk more to baby which promotes language development as we'll as promotes

Make sure to check out Wild Bird & see all of their pretty options for ring slings, I promise you won't be disappointed. 


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