This past Saturday we celebrated Cedar's third birthday. The night before his birthday Austin I had put up a birthday banner, displayed his presents with a t.rex balloon & put balloons in his bedroom as a surprise & when he woke up we heard a little "mom..? ba-loooooooooons!" He was pumped, when we walked in the room he was just sitting on his bed looking at all of them. Cedar was even more excited when he walked into the kitchen & saw his t.rex balloon & the birthday banner, it was so cute. When I asked why he woke up earlier than normal Cedar said: "dinosaur party!" he had been asking when his birthday was because he knew he was having a dinosaur party & was so excited.

On the morning of his birthday, after breakfast & presents, I asked Cedar a series of questions & hearing his answers was pretty funny. He's right at that age where he can fully understand me & he actually thinks about his answers, which makes it even funnier when he gives his response.

What's your favorite color? Blue
What's your favorite food? Eggies
What's your favorite snack? Nuts
What's your favorite drink? Chocolate milk
What's your favorite movie? Mickey
What's your favorite animal? Big moose (i was pretty sure he was going to say dinosaurs but I like the creativity in animal choice here.)
What's your favorite toy? Dinosaurs
Who do you love? Mom! Dad! Milo!
Who's your best friend? Johnny & Millie
What's your favorite book? Dinosaur go to doctor

I really can't get over the fact that not only is he three, but that I have a three year old! It feels like just yesterday he was born & totally changed our world for the best. I don't feel like I'm old enough to have a three year old, even though we have two kids, haha, it just seems to crazy. Even Austin was getting emotional about it! I swear he grew up over night, he seems so much older now. Cedar is such a fun little boy & I am loving seeing just what kind of boy he grows into.

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