I can't believe it's been four years since Austin & I got married, I can remember it all like it was just yesterday! I love thinking about where we are in life now compared to when we got married, & the fact that if someone told me on the day we got married that we would be where we are in life today, I most likely wouldn't believe them. When we got married our plan was to finish up school, camp a lot, rock climb our way around the world, work for a few years & start our family 5 or 6 years into marriage. We wanted to play a lot & have time for each other & be a bit more established before starting a family, which we all know is not the way things went haha. I wouldn't change our lives for the world, I love this unplanned family of mine & wouldn't have it any other way.
The last four years have been the absolute best four years of my life, I can't imagine how my life would be if I hadn't barged into Austin's house that september night 5 years ago & met him. I really don't think I knew I could be so much happier than I was back then, but every year, month, week, day, I am happier & love him more. Super cheesy, I know.

Since being married we have:
Had 2 kids
Moved 5 times, 1 new country/continent, 1 new state, 1 new city
Traveled to 4 continents
Been to 12 countries
& seen 9 states together.
Both graduated from our undergrad
Austin finished is IMBA.

It's been a busy four years & the best four years. I really am so excited to see where the rest of our marriage takes us.

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