Dear Milo,
Today marks 3 months since you entered this world. You are 13 lbs, 23 inches long with a 17 inch head. You seem like such a big baby to me & you look older than you really are. The last three months have gone by So fast, it blows my mind. I thought my time with Cedar went quickly, but that moved at a snails pace compared to life with you. You are such a good baby, we are so lucky. You are incredibly calm, hardly make any sound besides your adorable coo's & you love to wiggle. Those legs of yours are constantly kicking & you are always squirming around. You are an amazing sleeper, getting in about 10 hours straight at night, which I am so thankful for! You are a pretty smiley babe, you love being talked to & when your belly is scratched you smile & wiggle so much, you also really love Cedar. Whenever Cedar is talking to you or comes around you, you get the biggest smile & it makes my heart melt. You are on the brink of laughing, if I burry my face into your neck you let out your little half giggle. I can't wait till your full giggle comes out, but the little half giggle is pretty cute for now.

In your three months you have already been on a raodtrip to Utah & become a world traveler when I decided that the two of us could handle a trip to China. You are a pro at traveling already, you didn't cry at all on the flights & slept pretty much the entire time which was amazing. I can't wait to see more of your little personality show through. Happy three months baby boy! I love you.

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