After the fourth of July we caravanned our way up to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, with my entire family. We we're there for 5 days & it was so much fun. We rarely get to be together with all of us, so when we are it is really cool. Surprisingly, we didn't spent a lot of time in actual Jackson Hole. We stayed a few minutes out of Jackson in Teton Village & our days ended up being so packed that we only went into Jackson two times for dinner! The day we got there we went to a chuckwagon dinner where we rode in covered wagons to dinner where they had a live band & a few cowboys & indians riding around putting a show on for the kids. The dinner was pretty fun & the music was great, but my favorite part was watching Cedar with all of his cousins going wild, playing & dancing with them. He has 6 older cousins only my side of the family & is constantly asking for them & following them everywhere when we are all together, I think it's adorable but I'm sure it drives the cousins a little crazy sometimes, haha.

The next day we went to Jenny Lake where we took a boat across the lake & hiked to a couple different waterfalls & then back around to the parking lot. The hike was beautiful & the lake was gorgeous, the water was so, so blue & so, so cold. When getting ready for the hike we had been mislead & told that it would only be 1.5 miles, & I don't know why we didn't question that in the first place but, it ended up being closer to 5 miles! Before starting the hike Austin & I went back & forth on whether we should take the hiking pack for Cedar or let him walk, but luckily we decided to take the hiking pack to carry Cedar in, otherwise it would have been pretty bad.

While we we're there we drove to Yellowstone & I was SO excited, I had been wanting to go to Yellowstone for years & was so happy to finally go! We woke up bright & early to try & beat the crowds at old faithful where we then drove through the park stopping at the artist pots & to yellowstone falls. It was all so pretty, I was seriously loving it & hope we can go back soon, hopefully with less crowds :).

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