Austin's parents kindly watched our boys while we went camping for a couple of nights with our friends Tanner & Nicole & it was so much fun. This was the first time I ever left Milo over night which made me feel so anxious in the beginning, but luckily I was able to relax & was reassured he was completely fine. It was so good to have some one-on-one time with Austin & to be able to completely relax. We went to our favorite spot, the City of Rocks up in Idaho & had a blast. We got there Wednesday night so we just set up camp & had a fire before heading to sleep so that we could have a full day of climbing on Thursday. Unfortunately we woke up & found out we had to move campsites cause someone had reserved the site we were on for Thursday, so we didn't get to climbing till mid-day. It was so good to get out & climb again, Austin & I hadn't climbed since before we moved to Spain, which seems like a lifetime ago! I was nervous about it since I hadn't been in so long, but it was so refreshing & totally gave me the climbing bug again, I can't wait for us to get out some more in the upcoming months. We did a multi-pitch climb & Austin was a trooper, packing our lunch up to the top so we could eat at the top of the climb & hangout.

I'm excited to get out camping again & take both the babes, we went camping & climbing so much when Cedar was tiny & it was so much fun, I can't wait to take Milo with us & to hopefully get Cedar out climbing.

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  1. wow! how fun! so impressed with your climbing - that takes REAL skills!