Despite the fact that Milo will be 7 months next week.. & that September is almost over I need to get Milo's 6 month post up! It makes me sad just how bad I have been at doing monthly posts for him, but it has been pretty busy around here. Anyways! Milo turned 6 months September 2 & it kind of broke my heart a little to think that he's already half a year old! He's not a tiny little babe any more & even though it's so fun as he grows up, I'm sad that he is so big already. He is really big too, way too long for 6 month clothes!

A few things about milo at 6 months:

+He is 20 lbs
+28 inches long
+Rolling all over the place
+Loooooooooooooooving food SO much, Milo is constantly eating or grabbing at food
+He has one tooth that has broken through & one that is just about to. So far he is a pretty good teether, but I can tell that it's hurting him which is so sad. With Cedar he never cried or fussed when it came to teething so this is all new territory for me & it's the saddest.
+Milo is pretty calm & relaxed, unless he has a dirty diaper or is hungry, then he is amazingly loud.
+He is trying so hard to get on a level to be able to play with Cedar, always taking Cedar's toys when they are within reach & you can tell he wants to be part of everything. He's doing his best to sit up but is still a bit floppy when it comes to it. I think as soon as he sits up he will be on the move though cause he already tries to work those legs of his when he's on his belly & I do not think I am prepared to have two movers yet.

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