This week Cedar started pre-preschool & yes, that is a thing. Ever since September when all of his little friends started going to preschool he has been asking me when he was going to go to school & it kind of broke my heart to tell him he wasn't going. The thing is, when preschool sign ups we're happening we weren't sure how long we would be in California. With Austin trying to start his own company there was a really big possibility that we would have moved in October. Needless to say we did not move & I found this little class through our community center & signed him up for two of them. He looooved his first day. I was worried at first that he would have a hard time going because he was wanting me to hold him while we waited for the doors which made me think he was nervous but, as soon as those doors opened up & went straight in & didn't look back! After his school he told me how much he loved it, that they played, went to the park, painted & had lunch.

Cedar is getting so big. It is the funniest and a bit sad all at the same time. I am loving watching his personality come out more & more. Some of the things he says make me laugh so much & wonder where he learns these things. Here are a few of my favorites lately:

C- "are we taking Milo back to the store?"
Me - "back to the store? Why?"
C- "cause I wanna goirl baby."
Me- "you want a girl baby!? A sister?"
C- "ya. Like baby Wiwa"
Me -"we're going to keep Milo cause he's cute & we love him. But do you want another baby?"
C- "two more babies!"


C- "you're in trouble mom."
Me- "what? Why?"
C- "you tricked me"
Me- "how?"
C- "I found the toy in the basket. You tricked me."

I never tricked him, the toy was just put away!

C- "mom I want to go to Africa to see the animals!"
Me- "Africa? What animals?"
C- "lions, elephants, rhinos.."

C- "Miyo's crying cause he wants fruit snacks."
C- "Miyo told me he very wants to watch a show."

Apparently Milo tells Cedar a lot of things he "wants", haha. He is so cute & pretty smart. I love him so.

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