A couple weeks before Halloween we were looking at the costumes at Target & Cedar was really into the donut costume & that is where the entire idea stemmed from. I had a few different variations that I was going between when trying to decide what to do / how to make a family costume out of a donut. I brainstormed what other foods go with donuts & then I got hooked on the idea of a milk carton with a box of donuts. Even though I had decided on the costume a couple of weeks before Halloween, being the procrastinator I am, Austin & I didn't even begin making our costumes till Sunday night & continued up until an hour before we left to go to our Halloween party on Monday night, haha. Luckily we finished them in time!

On my Instagram I had a lot of questions about our costumes, unfortunately I wasn't smart enough to plan a how-to while we were making our costumes, but I'll try & explain it all to you.

3-4 cardboard boxes
Lots of white spray paint
Pink spray paint
Sharpie Paint Marker
Red & White paint for touch-ups
Duct Tape
Hot glue
Box Cutter
Baby Carrier
Inflatable Donuts

For Austin's Milk carton costume we used two large cardboard boxes stacked on top of each other, about 6 cans of white spray paint, a whole lot of duct tape & a little bit of red & black spray paint. Pretty tricky stuff ;) After building the shape of his costume he then got in it & used a box cutter to cut out the holes for his arms & face. The front of his box read: Missing, have you seen me? call.. & then a random made up number. The back of it read: Milk does the body good & the sides said Whole Milk & had cow print painted on it.

My box of donuts costume was a lot easier. I used a box that my friends microwave came in, spray painted it pink & then cut a hole in the bottom for Milos little feet to kick through. The slightly tricky part was cutting the holes for the Baby Bjorn. The way that it worked was I put the Bjorn on & we cut two holes that the Bjorn clips would go through, so the back of the box rested against the back of the Bjorn & then Milos back rested against the box. The way that we did it made it so I didn't have to hold onto the box which was really nice.

After painting & cutting it, we hot glued two pieces of white tissue paper & these little inflatable donuts that I found on Amazon. They are really cup floaties but they worked perfectly. I then safety pinned one to a soft fabric headband to put on Milos head & we poked holes into a smaller piece of cardboard which we then got glued onto the box "lid" for 2 headbands (figured 2 would be good because it was pretty heavy!) to go through for me to wear

I have to admit, this was by far my favorite costume I have ever created/ thought of / been. & I am pretty proud of myself, haha.

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