First anythings with a new baby are so fun, but Christmas is my favorite "first" to experience with a baby, even if they don't know what's going on! This Christmas was so great, Cedar is finally at the age where he TOTALLY gets it, he was so excited the entire month, always asking when Santa was coming & he was really into our Elf on the Shelf, Dash. Every morning when he woke up he immediately would hunt out where Dash was & was always pumped to show everyone where the elf was. I also did an Advent countdown for Cedar this year since he understood Christmas a bit more & it was really fun. I wrapped 24 different Christmas books & each night he got to pick a new one to open & we would read it before bed, the last night we made sure to open the Poler Express because that is the book my husband grew up reading with his family on Christmas Eve. I love starting new traditions with our little family, they are so sweet & fun to see Cedar completely loving it.

We had Christmas with my family this year which was pretty convenient since we are living with my mom at the moment, ha. Christmas Eve we had the annual Christmas Eve Party with family friends. We are big into traditions so everywhere we have the same buffet-style dinner for Christmas Eve & Christmas Night with the same families we have been celebrating with since I was a teeny tiny girl. So Christmas Eve we had dinner, the kids ran wild & then Santa came & brought everyone their Christmas pajamas. Cedar LOVES santa & totally freaked out when he was at our house, Milo is the complete opposite & freaked out in an entirely different way, haha. I'm a mean mom & find it really funny when Milo cries at Santa. 

After everyone left & the boys were asleep Austin & I set to work prepping our Christmas. Since we are living with my mom & she hosts Christmas for my siblings that are in town, we had to do our Christmas morning a little different. We set up the boys presents from us, Santa & their other grandparents in my moms living room & sort of made a barricade so they wouldn't see in to my mom's christmas. We woke up early with them, opened their presents, then luckily we went to church which was great cause it kept the boys away from my moms christmas even more. After church we went back to our house & my brother & his family came & we had christmas with them, made thinnies for breakfast, played with the new toys so hard & went on a drive to the beach to get the boys a solid nap in before going to Christmas dinner. For dinner we go to our friends house & basically recap our christmas days to each other while the kids play with their toys WE used to go to a movie on Christmas night, but it's a little harder now that we all have little kids, so this year we didn't make it but maybe next year :)

Like Cedar's awesome scab on his nose? He literally walked into a wall & scratched his nose, haha.

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