Today marks Milo's 9 month birthday. It's so weird to think just 9 months ago he entered the world cause it feels like he's been here forever, but on the other hand I feel like I was just pregnant.. so that's weird, haha. But really, he just adds a whole new dimension to our lives & we love him for that. Milo is truly so happy, so smiley & so giggly. He loves to cuddle, is constantly babbling strings of "dadada" or "mamama", eats absolutely anything his little fingers can get ahold of & loves playing with his big brother. He is figuring out how to crawl, he scoots & rolls a lot, pushes himself backwards all the time & rocks on his knees, I think it's going to happen soon. He does stand & hold onto things scouting himself around though! He has 2 teeth & we think that he's in the midst of teething right now. The water is his complete happy place, he loves to wriggle & splash in the water & would sit in it for hours if I would let him. He also loooves to try & drink the bath water. I am so happy to have this little boy in our lives.

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