Milo's leg in this picture kills me. It kept falling & he kept putting it back up, haha!
We managed to fit NINE people in one teacup! 6 of them might be pretty small, but it's still impressive!
Cedar found his new favorite spot in the stroller: the basket. 
Last week Shannon, Ashley & I chanced the weather & went down to Disneyland. I had been wanting to go for days but it was pouring, so the first clear day we had we went for it & it ended up being the best. day. ever. It had been pouring rain that morning so I think it scared most people from going because by the time we got there it was sunny & totally empty. We're talking zero lines, zero crowds & complete bliss. I'm sort of dreading going on a busy day again because it was SO nice, haha. For the last few months Shannon, Ashley & I have managed to make it to Disneyland about twice a months. Between the three of us, we have 6 kids 4 & under at Disneyland, so we probably look like a hot mess walking around. There is definitely a lot going on, but it is so much fun. The kids love it & I think its pretty magical that they get to go with their best friends as often as we do. Sometimes it gets a little tricky with the rides so we take turns taking the three older kids on rides that the babies can't go on, or if a baby is napping one of us will sit out while the others go on the ride.

The last few times we've gone I've measured Cedar to see if he could go on Thunder Mountain & he always comes up just a tiny bit short. BUT! Cedar has finally hit the 40 in. mark which is a BIG deal at Disneyland, cause it means he is tall enough for a lot of the big kid rides & he was SO excited. I actually don't know who was more excited, me or him, but either way he got to go on the rides. Thunder Mountain was Cedars first big kid ride, he went with my sister who met us for a couple of hours & Johnny. He was so excited before going on the ride & then my sister told me that he had zero emotion on the ride, but at one point said "i miss my mama"! Haha, so sweet. After the ride he couldn't wait to tell me all about it though which was really cute. A bit later we were walking by Splash Mountain & he asked:

"Mama, can we go on Splash Mountain?"
"No, you're not tall enough Cedar bug"- me
"Ya I am! I'm a big boy. I promise I won't be scared."-Cedar

How could I say no to that? We went to the line, got him measured & he was tall enough (luckily it had been raining earlier in the day so I brought rain boots & jackets)! So I took Johnny & Cedar on it & he LOVED it. They were both a little scared & wanted me to hold onto them, so I was leaning forward holding Johnny in his seat & holding onto Cedar next to me which was a little tricky, but we managed. Right after the ride ended they ran out, jumping up & down asking to go again so Ashley took them. Being 40 in. is a total game changer for Cedar, haha. I am dying to go back & take Cedar by himself so we can really hit all the big kid rides!

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