Last week Austin & I babysat my sisters kids for three days while she had to go out of town for work & it was so much fun. Cedar adores her kids SO much,  they are 12, 10 & 7 & each of them play so well with my boys, it's really fun to watch them. One day after getting them off to school Austin & I decided to go to Laguna Beach. We both really like it there, it is such a cool little beach town with a really artsy/beach vibe going on which I really like. 

While we were there we shopped around the streets, got gelato despite the chilly weather & had amazing mexican food at La Sirena. If you're ever in Laguna, you need to go. It's a total hole in the wall, off a side street spot but it is delicious, I'm already planning to go back asap! We played on the beach & Cedar spent a lot of time "splorin'", as he said, the rocks. It was pretty cute watching him climbing all over them, jumping off & getting brave. He is such a tentative kid so it always surprises me when he does things like that & it also really makes me happy! I love watching him grow & get more comfortable testing his boundaries. 

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