The ice castles were gorgeous, so, so pretty but SO very cold. I loved seeing them but I think I was the only one out of our family that did.. haha. Lets be real, if you have little kids there is a 50/50 chance that they are going to love it or totally hate it because you are taking them to an actual mountain of ice where it is literally freezing. Cedar was screaming when we got there because he fell asleep on the drive & then woke up to being freezing cold & getting so many layers put on. Milo was ok in the beginning, but then as time went on & he got colder he completely freaked out sobbing, crying, I felt so bad for that little babe. Luckily he & Cedar weren't flipping out at the same time though! Right around the time Milo hated it Cedar was loving it. There were fire pits, tunnels & slides throughout the castles so he was having a blast running around with his cousin Russy.


  1. i think i have forgotten how cold it is in utah...but those ice castles are so pretty! also, loooove the pink carhart!

    1. haha you definitely forgot! it is SO COLD! but it's also so pretty.. & thank you :)