It blows my mind that Milo is one. I can remember his birth day like it was yesterday. I remember thinking Cedar's first year went by quickly but, Milo's went by much faster, it's more of a blur. While it went faster I feel like i cherished the time with Milo more than I was able to when Cedar was a newborn because I was so busy wit school, so I made sure to take it all in as much as I could, while I could. 

Favorite food: raspberries, mac & cheese, carrots 
favorite drink: milk & water
favorite snack: crackers & cheese 
favorite toy: trains & blocks
favorite show: Daniel Tiger, Beat Bugs
favorite song: twinkle twinkle 
traveled to: Utah, Wyoming, Nevada, Hawaii, Colorado, China
flown: 14 x's
Weighs: 26 lbs

He has been such a sweet baby boy, I truly adore him & so does everyone else. He is the happiest when he's happy, the loudest, saddest when he is sad, he is playful, loves to giggle, crawl, walk around furniture & play. I adore his personality. I love the way he nuzzles into just about anything & everything, he is always laying his head down onto things from slides or people to blankets & stuffed animals. He is always crawling around sticking anything he can get his fingers on in his mouth, he loves to be where Cedar is, tormenting him but trying to play with him. 

Milo isn't walking quite yet & I'm sort of grateful because I think once he does, he will R U N. That little boy is so fast when he crawls & he loves crawling away as fast as he can whenever I try to get him. I can only imagine when he is actually walking! He does hold onto everything, walking around & he gets into everything. It's funny to think how different he & Cedar are. Milo is always opening all drawers, playing in the toilet bowl, eating (literally) everything, where I never had to worry about Cedar with any of those things! Milo guy keeps us on our toes, that is for sure. 

We love you so much Milo.

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