My photos of Iceland are a mashup of two separate trips, one with my mom, both my brothers & their families & Austin, & then one with my mom, my sisters family & no Austin! My sister, mom & I went to Iceland after France before coming home.

After the Glaciers we headed towards our hotel for the night & stopped at Skofgoss, one of the (many) waterfalls on the side of the road. This was is HUGE & had stairs to the top of it. & then we stopped in Vik to see the cutest little church on the hillside that was surrounded by fields of little yellow flowers & lupin. The kids loved running through all of the fields & getting their wiggles out after driving for so long. While we were with my sister we stopped in Vik & went to the Black Sand Beach which is known for gigantic waves & these crazy rock formations. It was sooo pretty but also insanely windy while we were there, so we didn't last that long but I'm so glad we were able to go.

We stopped by the Kerid Crater before heading to the Geysir area in the Golden Circle where we stayed in a hostel that we absolutely loved! We stayed at the most magical hostel for kids that had so many horses, sheep & cats that they let all of the kids play with. They had a baby lamb that Milo & Cedar looved being able to feed & Milo kept chasing it trying to hug it, it was adorable. While we were there the cousins all had a sleepover (minus the babies!), it was so cute to see how excited Cedar was to have a sleepover with his cousins.

I feel like we could accomplish so much in one day in Iceland because it literally never got dark, haha. It was pretty confusing because the light was never a morning or evening light, it just seemed to stay a constant mid-day light, & I was never positive what time it was. I'm not sure how people can handle living with constant light because my 4 days was pretty hard, but also really cool because I had never been anywhere like that.

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