Last week we got back from our family vacation to Iceland & France & I'm already having withdrawals! We went with my whole family in celebration of my moms 60th birthday & it was so much fun. In total there were 9 adults & 11 kids (5 of them were 4 & under!), so we had a pretty big group traipsing around which can be totally hectic at some times, but also so much fun. All of the kids had soooo much fun being with each other since they don't all live near one another & I loved watching them play with each other. I feel so lucky that my kids have cousins that love them so much, even the older kids who are almost teenagers just love playing with the babies & it is adorable.

The trip was broken up into 3 sections, since everyone had to figure out timing with jobs & what not, we couldn't all make it to Iceland at the same time, so some of us started our trip in Iceland then went to France, while others started in France & went to Iceland after & then theres me, who can't pass up a trip & did it all: started in Iceland, went to France & went back to Iceland before coming home, haha. I figure why go home if I don't need to, right? Haha!

Iceland was unlike anywhere I have ever been. I totally get the hype on Iceland & you should all go. Seriously. It was completely gorgeous, going through all my photos I couldn't believe the colors & just how unreal it was. It was seriously hard for me to narrow down what pictures to share because I had so many that I want you all to see, so I've decided to break it up into a couple posts so it's not too overwhelming :).

We got to Iceland in the evening & were able to walk around Reykjavik for a couple hours before totally crashing. The next morning we woke up super early & drove to Jokulsarlon to see the glaciers & black diamond beach. Driving through iceland was so pretty & unique. It's like a different planet, the terrain was so lush & green, but then it went be solid black & there is volcanic rock everywhere that is covered in moss & waterfalls literally everywhere, it is insane. Plus, lupin is growing all over so there are bursts of purple against the green & black scenery, it is so pretty. Jokulsarlon is a place that you can get up & close to the glaciers that are breaking off from the giant glacier that is resting in the center of Iceland. The glaciers are so beautiful to see, a lot of them are white & a really clear blue color with hints of black on a few. While we were there we even saw a glacier break off! We went on a glacier tour where they told us more about the lagoon & the glacier & they even let us taste some of the ice, very exciting, haha.

Across the street from the glaciers is Black Diamond beach which is a beach with straight black sand & covered in glaciers that have broken off from Jokulsarlon lagoon & floated into the ocean. Depending when you're there, there can be really big glaciers or small cubes of ice that get washed up on the beach. The ice is so pretty on the black sand, it totally reminded me of the scene in Snow White when the dwarfs are mining & all the stones glisten & shine, that is what this looked like, I've never seen anything like it. The kids loved kicking the ice & trying to break it.

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