the last couple of years i have done a christmas book countdown & it is one of my favorite parts of christmas. definitely one of my favorite traditions we have started with our little family. it was something austin's family did every year & we have carried it over with our kids.

before december i wrap 24 different christmas books & keep them in a basket. each night before bed i let the boys pick one book to unwrap & we read it that night. they can pick any book they want, but we always save the poler express for christmas eve. the books are a mixture of new & old, some are books that i grew up reading with my family during christmas, some are books my husband grew up with & some are new, so it's a good mixture. we have been given a lot of books in our lives, so we own all of the books we use, but it's also fun to get different books from the library if you don't have enough or just to switch it up.

the christmas book countdown is truly one of my favorite parts of christmas. i love seeing how much my boys love the stories & i like hearing cedar talking about the christmas books months later. it builds a lot of anticipation for christmas eve too, to read the last book. definitely one of the best traditions.

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